Brooke Baldwin Mistakenly Says ‘Jims Comey’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN host Brooke Baldwin gaffed live when she mistakenly referred the former FBI Director as “Jims Comey.”

The Thursday afternoon segment began with an aggressive graphic with multiple photos of Comey and “FBI Director Fired” over the Department of Justice logo, making Baldwin’s blunder all the more apparent.

“Welcome back you’re watching CNN,” Baldwin said. “Breaking news: President Trump says he planned to fire FBI Director Jims Comey no matter what, irrespective of anyone’s recommendation.”

Most people refer to the former director as “James,” while some choose to get chummy with the former top FBI man use the nickname “Jim.”

His middle name is “Brien,” inexplicably spelled with an “e.”

Still, to The Daily Caller’s knowledge, no one had yet combined “James” and “Jim” and referred to him as “Jims.”

We don’t know if CNN provides its anchors with coffee, but Baldwin could probably use a cup because the bright yellow dress she wore clearly belied her true energy level.


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