Daily Vaper: Wismec Vicino D30 Review

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

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Wismec’s Vicino D30 features a 3000mAh long-lasting battery built in. One button operates this device. This makes it an easy mod to get started with, and it can also be good for use as a second mod. The tank has adjustable air flow and holds 6ml of e-liquid. At the bottom of the device is where the user would adjust the wattage by simply twisting the dial.

The plastic drip tip is comfortable and other drip tips can be compatible. Second, it has very good airflow that is smooth. Third, the battery life can last for days. On the negative side, it doesn’t include an extra glass tank. Furthermore, adjusting the wattage with the dial only modifies in 10 watt increments.

Wismec Vicino D30 Battery — $27.30

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