Here Are Ten Of The Possible Nominees For FBI Director [VIDEO]

Richie McGinniss Chief Video Editor
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Now that James Comey has been removed from his position as FBI Director, Republicans and Democrats alike are speculating who will become his replacement.  Will he choose a candidate to satisfy loyal members of his base, or will he nominate someone who is tough on Russia to placate the Democrats?

Choosing a loyalist or a staunch Republican would most likely stoke allegations that Trump fired Comey as part of a Russian collusion cover-up.  Meanwhile, if Trump nominates a more apolitical candidate, he runs the risk of upsetting his base, most of whom are still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be locked up.

Regardless of who Trump selects, his choice will most definitely engender controversy and not please everybody.

Then again, Comey himself managed to upset both sides of the political aisle for his actions during the presidential election.

Let’s see if the next director can top that. Here are ten likely candidates: