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Keith Olbermann Wants An Apology For KeithOlbermann.com

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As any true fan of Keith Olbermann knows, keitholbermann.com is the Internet’s #1 outlet for news and opinion about 2005’s favorite liberal pundit. You’d think Keith would be grateful for the support, after he was banished from TV. He went from having his own nightly news show to recording a podcast from behind an Ikea table in the GQ break room. He can use all the help he can get.

But Keith isn’t happy about our tireless efforts to spread the word about him, as revealed by our old pal Sean Davis at The Federalist:

My goodness. How’s that for gratitude?

Well, if Sean Davis won’t apologize, I will: I’m sorry things haven’t been going your way lately, Keith.

As always, the offer stands: On behalf of the Daily Caller, you’re welcome to apply for an internship so you can learn the ropes of journalism. Until then, keep spamming out links to your little podcast 30 times a day and squabbling with people who still have jobs.

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