Philip Mudd Calls The Inauguration ‘Stupid’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A CNN panel got really awkward when counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd called President Trump’s inauguration “stupid” on Friday.

Mudd had been ranting about Trump for awhile, saying earlier that he needed to be given a “pacifier” and tucked into a “crib.”

Eventually, he treaded into dangerous waters, saying, “Nobody believes the President of the United States from the day he came in and misrepresented how many people showed up at the stupid inauguration.”

Host Kate Bolduan became visibly uncomfortable and looked down at her desk waiting for a moment to cut in.

“Phil you know I have…I have immense respect for you, we talk all the time — you can’t call the inauguration stupid, but I hear your passion,” Bolduan said.

Mudd tried to clarify his comments, saying he thought the “claims of how many people showed up” was “stupid,” not the inauguration itself.

The damage was already done, however, and Bolduan tried to change the topic by saying, “we’ve got enough to deal with in the present.”


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