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The Resistance Resists Trump By Cutting Down Trees On Golf Course

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It’s not easy being a member of #TheResistance in 2017 America. Mocking or criticizing President Trump will get you thrown in a gulag, where Mike Pence will cattle-prod you in the balls until you’re not gay anymore. It’s a dystopian nightmare, like something out of a Margaret Atwood novel-turned-Hulu-series. Any objection to this cruel dictator must be expressed furtively, anonymously. No one can know of your dissent. You’re risking your very life by daring to do what Stephen Colbert does every night on national TV.

That’s why these two men are heroes. CBS New York:

Two men with a chainsaw jumped over an 8-foot high fence along the 15th hole of Trump Links at Ferry Point and started toppling trees on Tuesday morning, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported…

A golf course maintenance crew scared off the would-be lumberjacks. They left behind their chainsaw.

I don’t have anything against trees, but if they didn’t want to get cut down by #TheResistance, they shouldn’t have been living on a Trump golf course. They made their choice, and they paid for it.

This is a warning to all Trump-based flora, every flower, every shrub, every scrap of sod: You are collaborators and you will be dealt with. #Resist or #die!