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Western Washington U. Student SHRIEKS LIKE A LUNATIC At Trump Sign

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As should be obvious to the regular reader(s) of this blog, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of President Donald J. Trump. I accept the results of the election, and I’m glad she didn’t win, but I’m ambivalent about Trump’s performance in office so far. I don’t think he’s a Russian agent or he’s destroying the republic or any of that nonsense, but so far I’m not terribly impressed. In alt-right parlance, I’m what they call a “cuck.”

But then I see something like this, and it makes me want to put on a Pepe t-shirt and a MAGA hat and flash a bunch of OK signs and troll the hell out of all the normies and snowflakes:

“Yeah, I’m cool, though… REEEEEEE”

No offense, sir, but I really don’t think this young lady’s behavior is the result of marijuana use. If anything, she could use some.

Video courtesy of Anthony Gockowski at Campus Reform. I think right now he’s trying to find out who this youngster is, and how much she spends in an average week on lozenges.

At least she hasn’t cut down any trees over this whole thing. Probably.

Update: Another view of the scene, from a bystander. Her lovely voice certainly does carry, doesn’t it?