Buchanan And Matthews Battle Over Trump-Russia Collusion [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Pat Buchanan quickly put MSNBC host Chris Matthews in his place when Matthews claimed there is evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government.

Matthews asked the former Richard Nixon adviser if Trump was committing “obstruction” by firing James Comey, but Buchanan said Comey has to answer for his own mistakes.

“This has been going on ten months they’ve been investigating Trump, they’ve got this cloud that he’s Putin’s puppet over Donald Trump for ten months, haven’t found a since connection, no collusion at all has been proven,” Buchanan said.

“Seventeen intelligence agencies say Russians interfered with our election…how can you say there’s nothing there?” Matthews asked.

He then incorrectly claimed that “17 agencies said they were colluding to help…”

“They didn’t say collusion at all,” Buchanan fired back. “They said they were hacking. Did Trump hack? No.”

Buchanan’s tough response managed to quiet Matthews for several seconds, no small feat for any guest on the MSNBC guest’s show.


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