In A Somber Speech On Capitol Hill, Trump Pays Tribute To Fallen Police Officers

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Donald Trump honored police officers who have been wounded or killed in the line of duty in a somber speech on Capitol Hill Monday.

As the president spoke at the annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service, he said it would be his priority to make sure law enforcement is “finally treated fairly with honor and respect” because they are “the thin blue line between civilization and chaos.”

“It’s a great honor,” Trump said as he stepped up to the microphone. “What great incredible people. And your loved ones are looking down on you right now. And, believe me, they are very proud…”

“Whatever you need, we are here for you, and we are praying for you. As I look out at this amazing assembly of police, I want to make all of you remember this promise — I will always support the incredible men and women in law enforcement as much as you have supported me.”

Trump said the officers’ presence “reminds us all of what is at stake.”

“Though your loved ones left us much too soon, the memory of their courage will live on forever. To see so many names together, is only to get a glimpse of the debt America owes to those who protect our streets.”

“No one asked these selfless men and women to enlist in this righteous cause…They joined because their hearts were big, and full of amazing courage. They put on the uniform because they believed it was their mission in life to serve. It is our duty as a people and as a nation to prove worthy of their sacrifice.”

Trump said he gained “a deep appreciation for law enforcement” from living in New York.

“Thousands are living today in New York who otherwise would be gone, because our great police fought to bring safety to our streets,” he said. “As president, my highest duty is to keep America safe…You are the thin blue line between civilization and chaos. I want you to know that patriotic Americans truly support and love our police.”

Trump said police officers are often subject to “unfair defamation and vilification and — even worse, hostility and violence.” He said most politicians won’t praise them because “it’s not politically correct or they think it might hurt them,” but said attacks on police are “a stain on society.”

“More officers were slain last year in ambushes than in any year in more than two decades, including the beloved officers killed in Baton Rouge, La., in yet another murderous attack of law enforcement. The attacks on our police must end, and they must end right now.”

According to a pool report, the administration will light the White House blue and Trump will request that American flags fly at half-staff in order to memorialize fallen officers.