King Calls Trump-Russia Connections ‘Desperate Attacks’ [VIDEO]

Richie McGinniss Chief Video Editor
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On Sunday, Republican New York Rep. Peter King appeared on radio show, “The Cats Round Table”, where he called out the Trump-Russia narrative for being “without any basis whatsoever.”

King recalled the United States’ relationship with Russia during the 1990s under the Clinton administration, saying, “I remember a trip to Moscow back in 1998 with President Clinton where, even then, we were encouraging Americans to do business with Russia.”

With the recent firing of former FBI Director James Comey, the Trump-Russia cover-up story has gone into overdrive, with many Democrats even calling the firing “Nixonian.” Republicans such as King, on the other hand, insist that this characterization is pure fiction.

Regardless of which side is correct, it is clear the Trump-Russia narrative will not be going away any time soon — and the Comey firing has caused both sides to become further entrenched along partisan lines.