Daily Vaper: Pioneer4you iPV 6X Review

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

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Pioneer4You’s IPV 6X has a maximum wattage of 200 watts. Pioneer4You expanded on its prior model, the IPV 400, with this 6X mod. This one has a larger OLED display screen and features a three-line display, increasing the brightness for added visibility. The 6X holds two 18650 batteries that must be purchased separately. A tank of 25mm in diameter was used in the review, which fit quite well, leaving room to spare without overhang.

The reviewer demonstrated the 6X has no button rattle, a big pro for him. It is firmware upgradeable, so the user can update the 6X with the latest features without having to purchase a new, up-to-date vape mod. He points out that this mod is compact and portable for on-the-go vaping. The 6X is a very solid mod with a long battery life. As most vapers know, IPV mods have a long history of quality devices. This is definitely one of them.

Pioneer4you iPV 6X 200W Large Screen — $49.90

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