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Jann Wenner On Rolling Stone’s Rape Hoax: ‘Underlying Story And Reporting Was All Accurate’

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Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner talked to CBS This Morning about the magazine’s 50th anniversary, and amazingly enough, Charlie Rose actually asked about the UVA rape hoax. Luckily, when Wenner started floundering, Gayle King was there to throw him a rope.

Video courtesy of Newsbusters:

“I mean, we made a really big mistake there. The underlying story and reporting was all accurate. It was an important issue, rape on campus. Nothing about what we said about Title Nine enforcement has ever been discredited. We were right about that. Unfortunately, the example we used turned out to be not true, and on that mistake, we got hung.”

Rape is bad. Rape happens. Therefore, the “underlying story and reporting was all accurate.” Sure, this particular woman wasn’t raped. This particular event never occurred. But hey, it was only that one time, right? Once, in 50 whole years! When you stop and think about it, the real victim in all this is Jann Wenner.

It’s nice that Wenner’s ideological fellow travelers tried to put his mind at ease. It’s okay, Jann, you’re among friends. What’s a silly little hoax about gang-rape, anyway?

Speaking of CBS News and once-in-a-lifetime hoaxes, has anybody ever found Lucy Ramirez? It’s a shame that she hung out Dan Rather to dry.