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Need a bluetooth speaker? Need a bedside light? Need a camping lantern? Well this cool product is all of those things. As a portable, wireless speaker you can take it with you wherever you go – indoors or outdoors. To those ends, it also has a built-in mic that can answer calls, plus an AUX-IN jack if you want to play music that way. As far as lighting goes, it has both RBG and warm white modes, which can be switched between simply by touching the middle of the device. (Furthermore, it is dimmable with 3-level brightness).

It’s no surprise that something with all this functionality usually costs more than $50. What is a surprise is that right now it is over half off!

Normally $53, this bluetooth speaker/light is 51 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $53, this bluetooth speaker/light is 51 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

LE Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Dimmable LED Camping Lantern with Touch Control on sale for $25.99

With this product, you’re getting quite a lot for just $26. It also works perfectly, as evidenced by its perfect 5 out 5 star average rating. Now, there are only four customer reviews. But they are glowing (no pun intended).

Goldie writes that it is “Perfect for our needs!”:

We like to sit out by the fire pit on the deck and were looking for a good but inexpensive speaker to listen to our music instead of just using our phones. This device fits the bill exactly! It sounds great, is super easy to pair to bluetooth, plus it lights up! I also appreciate the handle. That will come in handy to hang it from the inside of the tent while we are camping.
After you fully charge the speaker, press and hold the power button for several seconds until it says “power is on”, then click Mode until it says “bluetooth mode is on”. Open the bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet and select the LE Speaker if necessary. It will say bluetooth is paired. (If you do not have bluetooth, it comes with a cord to connect it directly to your phone.) After that, simply turn on the music on your phone. You can adjust the volume with your phone volume controls. To turn on the light, touch and hold the metal circle on the top of the light. Tap continuously to move between modes.
The light modes can be changed from 3 levels of white, multiple single colors, color changing mode or color changing that flashes to the beat (the last mode is my favorite). The only drawback I have found is that the buttons on the side are white on white and very hard to read.

Here’s another review:

This is a really cool speaker and light combo! The white light is bright and vibrant, the led colors are awesome and don’t look washed out as they seem to be individually colored LEDs inside.The ease of use and control is a huge plus for this product. To change the light all you have to do is tap on the speaker grill and it will change. There is also a strobe mode that isn’t actually annoying to use. The metal piece to hand the lamp is sturdy and can fit into normal or small size hooks. I personally use it to prop it at a certain angle. The low brightness setting is ideal to act as a night lamp. The speaker pairs very easily and the sound is clear. The volume is controlled through the phone or whatever device is sending the sound to the speaker. The internal battery seems to last forever as I’ve used it for about five hours and haven’t had to recharge it. I use it as a lamp when I’m out on the deck to check for things in the dark. The high brightness mode is very bright and can light up at least 75% of a normal sized bedroom or living room. You will not go wrong in buying this product, I highly recommend it!

A third:

Awesome light and speaker combo. I didn’t expect much from this product and was really surprised when I got to try it out. This speaker is easy to pair, speaker talks when bluetooth is turned on and off, volume can be controlled right on the speaker or from your phone or tablet, white light function has 3 level of brightness plus a strobe function, colored light mode has many colors which can be set on just one color or where it continuously changes, light function change is as easy as tapping the metal part of the speaker. What really surprised me is how loud and clear the sound is. Too bad I couldn’t post a video with my review so I could demo the sound. You can’t go wrong with this product. If you’re looking for something like this give it a try. It’s a good purchase.

You get the idea. It is particularly cool that you can use it both as a nightlight but also as a camping lantern – it even has a portable hook design. What a great product.

Here it is as a camping lantern (Photo via Amazon)

Here it is as a camping lantern (Photo via Amazon)

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