Daily Vaper: Aspire Pegasus Review

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

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Aspire’s Pegasus features changeable 18650 batteries and up to 70 watts of output. It comes equipped with a USB port for charging. The mod itself is made from stainless steel. Options for a finished design and style include: brushed chrome, brushed slate and brushed brass. It has plenty of venting around the battery cover for airflow circulation. There is a dial up top by the tank for adjusting the wattage – you just twist it in either direction.

The reviewer says the Pegasus looks good and it feels good. He also demonstrated its ease of functionality. “It works like a champ,” he says. He found no issues with the mod. The Pegasus has a very simple make-up to it, and it is recommended as a good start-up vape mod for beginners.

Aspire Pegasus Mod — $59

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