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Did Erdogan Order His Bodyguards To Attack Those Protesters?

Recep Erdogan is a scumbag tyrant, and I don’t like that he’s hanging out with the President of the United States. I especially don’t like that people who protest him on U.S. soil keep getting beat up. It happened last year, and again this week. But is Erdogan directly ordering his bodyguards to do that?

Chuck Ross reports:

The State Department, which says it is investigating the brawl, has so far provided little information about the culprits. But The Daily Caller has learned that a memo circulating within the agency has determined that some of the men who took part in the violence are part of the Turkish presidential detail and have diplomatic immunity.

I’m used to getting stonewalled by the State Department. But all this stuff is on camera. Are these guys just going to get away with this?

Is it just me, or is the news getting crazier and crazier by the minute? I’m supposed to make fun of all this stuff, but these days I hardly know where to start.