EXCLUSIVE: 80 Percent Off Data Privacy Protection Plans For Daily Caller Readers

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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The Daily Dealer exists to get Daily Caller readers incredible discounts they couldn’t find anywhere else. It is also our mission to attain those discounts on products and services that our readers would actually be interested in.

That’s where ManageYOURiD comes in. ManageYOURiD is a privacy protection service that locates all the personal information out on you out there on the Internet and gets it removed. Clearing that data from the web otherwise is not easy – you basically have to petition every data collection site to remove you – yet ManageYOURiD can make it happen with one fell swoop. I am a happy user of the service. (As I’ve written, I had no idea how much info on me was available for anyone to get). And I strongly recommend it to anyone who is concerned about personal privacy. Which should be everyone.

The best news I have to offer for Daily Caller readers is that right now, you all get 80 percent off the regular ManageYOURiD price. The individual plan – which allows you to clear the info for one user – normally costs $100. That means right now it is only $20. The couples plan is normally $180. Right now: $36. And the family plan, which lets you protect all of those close to you, normally costs $350, yet it is currently available for $68. You read that right; that is less than the individual plan typically costs.

Daily Caller readers get the 80 percent off with the code PRIVACY80. The deal ends Sunday, so you’d better act fast. Your privacy shouldn’t have to wait.

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