Independent Counsel

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Just as the legacy media and Democrats had whipped themselves into a hysterical frenzy and as the word Impeachment was echoing through the bars of DC and the editorial rooms of The Washington Post, Rod Rosenstein named an Independent Counsel to handle the “Russian” investigation. Victory at last? The end of Donald Trump?

The Independent Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI director, will run a “secret” investigation.  That should mean that there will be no endless procession of witnesses before a breathless legacy media, no daily revelations of new evil doings by either Trump or his allies, no fuel for the 24-hour news cycle.  There threatens to be actual quiet, silence as to what is actually going on behind closed doors.

So if there is a crime, and that is a really big IF, we won’t hear about it for months to come. If there are leaks about what is going on then the leakers risk themselves to felony prosecution. Media revelations could also threaten to disrupt future legal proceedings.  Worse from legacy medias viewpoint might be that a lack of news sucks the air out of the issue.  Of course, we may assume that a lack of real news will not adversely limit legacy media’s active imagination and perverse willingness to find “sources” to keep fueling the fire.

After all, in the last few weeks, we have heard repeated claims made by legacy media citing unnamed “sources.”  Trump gave secrets to the Russians! Apparently not. Comey was fired after asking for more resources to investigate the Russian connection! Again not true, the FBI had all the resources they wanted. Every story alleged named “sources” which were either wrong, unreliable or imaginary. After all, if the New York Times claims a that “source” exists who could doubt their honesty? Twenty years ago The New York Times had a reputation for honesty, but not today. It is imaginable that in the quest to get Trump a few individuals might just invent things that aren’t actually true? Could legacy media abandon all journalistic principals just to get Trump? Is there any question that they have passed that point already?

As the political left and the legacy media salivate over the prospect of “impeachment” Rod Rosenstein named an independent counsel.  Talk about taking the wind out of one’s sails…


So far, even if Trump did ask Comey to “go easy” on Flynn that doesn’t rise to obstruction of Justice.  And for argument’s sake consider that President  Trump could simply line up every one from his election campaign and Pardon them all.  That would mean that everyone pardoned would have to answer each and every question from every investigation (no longer having the 5th amendment to shield them) but what would be the point then? of course, the left wants vengeance claiming that Trump “stole” the election from Hillary Clinton. Even according to legacy media’s new standard of integrity, James Comey, Clinton was incompetent and reckless with national security. Many in his staff considered her criminally culpable. But we can’t talk about that, it’s not part of the narrative.

So what will having an Independent Counsel mean in the months ahead? Well, I suspect that Democrats, trusting to their Watergate narrative, will be holding their breath and waiting for something that is actually fire, and not just smoke.  They will raise funds, hold rallies and rail against the GOP for not holding daily hearings. Yet in the days to come, there might actually be a lack of news; proceedings should be secret. Unless of course, someone in the media is willing to locate “sources” to continually fuel their narrative with new revelations and risk getting dragged into court themselves to explain.  It may be that this is the high water mark of the left’s vendetta against President Trump. Robert Mueller might well exonerate Trump, but even if that happens anything that delays, obstructs or denigrates him is just what the legacy media desires.