‘America’s Most Trusted Name In News’ Invents New Word [VIDEO]

Richie McGinniss Chief Video Editor
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On CNN Friday morning, congressional correspondent Phil Mattingly coined a new phrase to describe the atmosphere on Capitol Hill amid controversy over the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

According to Mattingly, things are about to get … “fireworky”.

After consulting The Daily Caller’s linguistics team, we have determined that “fireworky” most definitely is not a real word. But the ever-professional CNN correspondents did not end it there.

Poppy Harlow then responded jubilantly, “Why do I think this fireworky stuff is going to leak, leak, leak out to you, you, you, and you’re going to bring it to us?”

It seems that Poppy is simply ecstatic about recent leaks from the executive and legislative branches. Did she feel the same about the Democratic National Committee emails that were leaked prior to the election of Donald Trump?

Luckily, CNN correspondent John Berman was able to bring the conversation back to a more serious tone when he chimed in, “I think it’s a Katy Perry song.” There you have it folks, things are about to get “fireworky.” Don’t forget, you heard it first from “America’s most trusted name in news.”