Issa: Comey Fell ‘In Love With The Camera’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican Representative from California Darrell Issa had harsh words for James Comey Friday, accusing the former FBI director of not respecting the Constitution and falling “in love with the camera.”

Issa spoke with reporters after a meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and made clear his distaste for Comey.

“I, for one, thought that Comey ill-served the American people when he tried to stretch beyond all reason the Fourth Amendment to hack into your iPhones,” Issa declared.

“So I’ve had a belief that he didn’t respect the Constitution, had become in love with the camera–which is normally for politicians,” Issa continued, “and that he began thinking that he was somehow larger than the FBI director and effectively being the FBI Director and the Department of Justice.”

Issa also said during the interviews that he doesn’t believe the Russia investigation is a “witch hunt” because he doesn’t believe in witches.


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