Texas Prof Tells His Students About White People Dying For Black Equality

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Texas A&M University professor Tommy Curry’s outrageous remarks about “white people dying” to further black equality have not been limited to five-year-old podcasts. The College Fix reports that Curry has repeatedly raised the issue in class and now an alumni organization is asking people to withhold all donations to the university until Curry either resigns or is fired.

Curry isn’t denying the charges — just insisting that he’s bring “scholarly analysis” to the issue, as he apparently believes he does in one recording where he tells his students that he likes to watch the news to see white people getting beaten up.

In other segments, the professor talks about taking violent revolution to the streets to “liberate” the country from its “colonial structure.”

Recordings of Curry’s lectures reveal that the professor has repeated his claims that “white people dying” is an effective way of advancing civil rights in American society — and more.

The unofficial alumni association, dubbed Support Aggies, is releasing the recordings and is also calling for the dismissal of university president Michael Young for suggesting that Curry is merely exercising his academic freedom when he discusses killing whites. They are distributing a petition to gain support for their demands that Curry and Young be terminated and that private financial support for the university be withheld until they are.

Curry admits that the recordings are authentic and that he does discuss the role of white death in black equality but that he does so with “scholarly analysis” and not as a hate monger advocating violence against white people.

Controversy has swirled around Curry since the 2012 podcast was referenced in an article in The American Conservative, where, after discussing black revenge against whites, Curry states: “look, in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people have to die.”

Many thought the reaction of the university’s president, as the issue gained national recognition, was somewhat muted. Young called Curry’s remarks “disturbing” and said the words did not reflect the “values” of the university.

In a statement from Support Aggies on May 12, the group suggested that Curry’s remarks are not about academic freedom or First Amendment rights but about the “dangerous indoctrination of young students” with potentially “catastrophic consequences.” The group also said it was in possession of audio recordings from Curry’s teaching sessions and his emails.

The clips are profanity-laced rants with little semblance to “scholarly analysis.” In the first clip, after blaming “conservatives at Texas A&M” for destroying young minds, Curry says it’s time to take revolution from the classroom to the streets, because “you cannot have progress here without violence and upheaval because it’s a struggle for liberation of the other.”

Curry gets a some loud guffaws from his students when he tells them he watches the news because it often provides an opportunity to see white people “being beaten with batons.”

In a third selection, Curry argues that America has a “colonial structure” where the notion of killing whites can “resonate in the history of people who have been oppressed.”

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