A Special Counsel – Not To Investigate A Crime, But To Find One

John Linder Former Congressman
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Last November 7 the biggest threat to our democracy was Donald Trump’s unwillingness to declare Hillary Clinton the victor. You will recall that Trump was asked in the last debate whether he was prepared to accept the result of the election to be held in 20 days. He demurred: “I’ll keep you in suspense, Okay?”

Mrs. Clinton expressed shock: “That’s horrifying!”  Minutes after Trump and Clinton left the stage it was splashed across the bottom of the screen on CNN: “TRUMP WON’T COMMIT TO ACCEPTING ELECTION RESULTS.” In the next three weeks his response was called “frightening,” “horrifying” and “disqualifying.”

After November 8 contesting the results of that election is patriotic. We are told by the Democrats and the media – but I repeat myself – that Russia “hacked the election.” That is, of course, a lie. Russia may or may not have hacked the Democrat National Committee emails, but there is no evidence or even claim that they changed any votes. Because of that lie – and wild accusations that Trump’s campaign “colluded” with Russia – a Special Counsel has been appointed to investigate if a crime has been committed.

Think about that. Investigations are typically undertaken to find a criminal. This one is undertaken to find a crime.

The Washington Post reported in June of last year that Russians hacked DNC emails and gave them to Wikileaks. How do they know that? Because the DNC told them so.

The emails revealed that the Democrat primary was rigged for Clinton. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was removed as DNC chair, but the story about the Russians went away and was not mentioned in any campaign appearance by Mrs. Clinton.

After Trump’s victory that changed. Russia became the biggest threat to democracy since Trump’s refusal to commit to accept the results of the election.

The FBI has been investigating this matter for almost a year. The investigation should have been dropped when the DNC refused them access to the computers, but it appears that the Obama administration had an interest in keeping this alive so the FBI accepted the report of a private company hired by the DNC that it was the Russians. To let the FBI examine the computers now may risk the narrative so the Democrats continue to refuse access.

What have we learned after a year? There is no evidence that Russians hacked the computers and there is no evidence that there was any collusion between Team Trump and the Russians. If evidence existed it would have leaked by now.

Senior Democrats such as Senator Diane Feinstein, Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Adam Schiff, who have been very vocal about the accusations, have said that there was no evidence. Former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper said he has seen no evidence.

More important, both Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz, two of the most prominent legal scholars in the nation – and both Democrats, have said that even if Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia there is no underlying crime.

So why do we have a Special Counsel? Because the Democrats and the media – but I repeat myself – have created a new paradigm. Plant enough accusations and innuendo in the news to create smoke and demand a Special Counsel to find a fire. Then pray that the Special Counsel will find that someone did something that will further delegitimize the president.

A decade ago Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed Special Counsel to discover who outed Valerie Plame, a CIA employee whose identity may or may not have been protected by law. Despite being told who the leaker was before he began the investigation, Fitzgerald continued on a two-year fishing expedition to find someone to indict. In a bogus investigation New York Times reporter Judith Miller spent 85 days in jail for refusing to reveal her sources and Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby, was convicted for perjury and obstruction of justice for remembering a phone conversation with NBC’s Tim Russert differently than Russert remembered it.

Special Counsel Bob Mueller has now been appointed, not to find a criminal, but to find a crime. I’d like to help.

Longtime Democrat activist Bob Creamer has admitted on a video that he was hired by the DNC and the Clinton campaign to incite violence at Trump rallies. That is a crime. He lives in Chicago. You’re welcome.

The Obama Department of Homeland Security attempted to hack Georgia’s voter registration files before the election. Perhaps Mr. Mueller can start there. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp will allow him to actually inspect the servers.

The American people made a decision last November about their governance. For 240 years our nation accepted the people’s decision. It’s time for the Democrats and the media – but I repeat myself – to grow up.

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