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DC Restaurant Announces ‘Pill Cosby’ Cocktail, Everybody Freaks Out

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Man, these days you can’t even sell a joke cocktail mocking an alleged serial rapist without everybody throwing a fit!

Ashley Eady, The Wrap:

It’s a bad case of the Mondays for a D.C. restaurant called Diet Starts Monday. The establishment became the brunt of widespread backlash today after it added a new cocktail to its menu, the “Pill Cosby…”

What was supposed to be a sweet and refreshing hibiscus-flavored cocktail was ruined by a stir on Monday surrounding its namesake on Monday — and its empty pill capsule garnish.

That’s pretty dark, even for DC. The proprietors claimed they were trying to “raise awareness,” which is the usual excuse when someone does something dumb and everybody starts yelling at them. The place has now pulled it from the menu.

Then again, it’s just a stupid, overpriced cocktail at some stupid, overpriced restaurant. If you don’t like it, don’t order it. Don’t go there. The problem you’ve created for yourself also solves itself.

Meanwhile, another accused rapist named Bill is the toast of DC. Cosby bad, Clinton good. I don’t know if Democrats are all racist, addicted to power, or both. I’m leaning toward “both.”