Netanyahu Tries To Stop Legislator’s Trump Selfie [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun/File Photo

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu tried but failed to stop an Israeli legislator from snapping a selfie with President Donald Trump.

Oren Hazan, a member of the Knesset legislature in Israel and a longtime Trump fan, lifted his phone up to grab a selfie with the president as he arrived in Israel Monday.

Netanyahu tried to push Hazan’s arm down to prevent the selfie, but Hazan succeeded and posted the result on Twitter with the caption, “Thank you, Mr. President – it was my pleasure!”


Even Trump looked somewhat uncomfortable during the ordeal.

Hazan is surrounded by controversy, having been accused of managing a casino where he did meth and solicited prostitutes for guests.

The blowback from such reports caused him to lose his role of deputy speaker of the Knesset. He has also been accused of sexual and physical assault.

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