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Trump Calls Terrorists ‘Losers,’ And He’s Right

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Anybody who walks into a concert filled with children and sets off a suicide bomb isn’t a terrifying monster. He’s a pathetic loser. And President Trump is absolutely right to say so.

Kaitlan Collins reports:

Donald Trump denounced the perpetrators behind the Manchester bombing as “evil losers” who preyed on “innocent children” and “must be driven out of our society forever.”

I don’t defend Trump when he says something I find indefensible, but here he’s 100% right. These guys are losers. They’re not tough or scary. They kill themselves in crowds of little girls because they’re weak and cowardly. They shoot up concerts and stab people in the street and run over crowds of pedestrians because they’re pathetic losers. They can’t make anything of themselves in this life, so they allow themselves to be convinced that murdering people will make them heroes in the next life.


#NotAllMuslims, of course.