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Jon Stewart’s Upcoming HBO Project Falls Apart

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It’s coarse and vulgar and mean to indulge in schadenfreude, which may be why I enjoy it so much. No matter what else I hate about living in 2017 America, I always smile when I remember that Tucker Carlson has a TV show and Jon Stewart doesn’t.

Even after quitting The Daily Show, Stewart said he was planning to keep a hand in the sociopolitical-commentary game. You hadn’t seen the last of him. His signature brand of humor would be back. “I’m pretty sure I can produce a few minutes of content every now and again,” he said. But now, his first attempt at a post-TDS comeback has officially failed.

John Koblin, NYT:

Jon Stewart and HBO are not going forward with his much-anticipated animation project, a setback for what was supposed to be the next step in his post-late-night career…

Mr. Stewart… was brought on in November 2015 to create digital shorts that would appear on the network’s digital apps like HBO Now and HBO Go.

But 18 months after signing the deal, the two have agreed to shelve it, saying that the project was significantly more complicated than both sides expected.

More complicated than glaring into the camera and tapping your pencil on your desk, in reaction to a carefully edited clip of a Republican saying something you don’t like? Huh.

Those crazy Taiwanese animators manage to quickly create animated shorts about current events all the time, and they make me laugh more than Jon Stewart has in the past 15 years. Here’s a great cartoon that Tomo News did in Nov. 2015, right around the time Stewart was settling in at his animal rescue farm:

Guess that’s too tough for Jon Stewart to pull off. Better luck next time, champ!