POLL: Voters Agree With Trump, Say Mainstream Media Publishes Fake News

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President Trump has caught significant flack for claiming hostile media organizations publish “fake news.” A new poll, however, shows that most voters tend to agree.

Almost two-thirds of American voters — 65 percent — say the mainstream media publishes a lot of fake news, according to a new Harvard-Harris poll released to The Hill.

Majorities of both Republicans and Democrats say the mainstream media publishes a significant amount of fake news. The poll found that 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents and 53 percent of Democrats say the media has a fake news problem. (RELATED: Washington Post Publishes False News Story About Russians Hacking Electrical Grid)

“Much of the media is now just another part of the partisan divide in the country with Republicans not trusting the ‘mainstream’ media and Democrats seeing them as reflecting their beliefs,” Harvard-Harris co-director told The Hill. “Every major institution from the presidency to the courts is now seen as operating in a partisan fashion in one direction or the other.”

In the early months of the Trump administration, the establishment media has at times struggled with accuracy in its reporting on the president.

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