Tucker: If You ‘Really Care’ About America, You Won’t Let It Become Europe [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson told viewers Tuesday that if they really care about America and want to protect it from terrorism, they won’t let it become Europe.

The Daily Caller founder called out leaders who pretend “acts of terror are just something that happens, like the weather,” urging American leaders to address growing threats of radical Islam.

“Why is violent terrorism an inevitability in Europe now?” Carlson asked. “The answer is, what most people understand but relatively few admit, the demographics changed. There are a lot more Muslims living in Europe now.”

Carlson cited a number of statistics that suggest Muslims in the western world aren’t really less radical than their counterparts in the Middle East.

“A full 20 percent of British Muslims said they sympathized with the motives of the [London subway] bombers,” he explained. “Younger Muslims are even more enthusiastic about what had happened…in 2007, Pew found that at least 20 percent of young Muslims here in America, in France, Germany, Britain, and Spain, believe that suicide bombings could be justified.”

“Now our leaders like to boast they believe in science…they are lying and never more obviously than in this case,” Carlson continued. “If you really care about America you wouldn’t want it to become Europe.”

“You wouldn’t import a massive Muslim minority into your country simply because it made you feel open-minded and virtuous and hope for the best. That’s a faith-based approach and it’s nuts.”


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