‘Secret’ Sanctuary State Bill Set To Pass Illinois Legislature

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William J. Kelly Host, Citizen Kelly Show
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In response to President Trump, a secret sanctuary state act has just passed the Illinois senate and now it’s being fast-tracked in the state house. The bill cleared a state house committee Wednesday, inching it closer to Gov. Rauner’s desk. Not that a single Illinois voter knows about it – other than non-citizen “voters” being organized by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) to lobby for its passage.

Illinois politicians have devised a legislative euphemism, the “Illinois Trust Act,” to keep the bill hush-hush. In fact, ICIRR organizers say they intentionally avoided the word, “sanctuary.” Perhaps Springfield pols fear the wrath of downstate voters who supported Donald Trump by 79% margins in blue state Illinois; if voters actually knew what was in the bill, there would be political hell to pay.

What is the Trust Act? The Illinois Trust Act would bar police from working with federal immigration authorities unless they have a warrant. This includes allowing an immigration agent to use law enforcement agency facilities for interviews or investigative purposes; transferring a person into an immigration agent’s custody; permitting agents use of an agency’s electronic database for investigative interviews; and responding to immigration agent inquiries regarding a person’s incarceration status, release date, or contact information. The bill also provides that no person shall be denied bail solely on the basis of an immigration detainer or an administrative warrant.

The bill would become immediately effective upon passage.

This week, pro-illegal immigration advocates flooded legislators and Gov. Rauner’s office with more than 1,000 calls, calling it a “Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois.” The call script says, “This is important legislation to me as it will make me, my family and people I care about feel more secure in their own State.”

Who has more of a right to feel secure in their own state? Illegal immigrants or legal citizens?

The Trust Act isn’t intended to help legal citizens feel more secure; it is intended for people who are breaking laws and illegally siphoning welfare and medical benefits from the American citizens who need it most – the poor, the homeless, and the disabled.

The Trust Act isn’t going to help Tiffany Thrasher, 33, who was raped, strangled and murdered on Easter Sunday by Bulmaro Mejia-Maya, a Mexican national with a violent criminal history who should have been deported after he stabbed a man in Florida. But Meija-Maya wasn’t deported because his crime was downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor.

A U.S. citizen would have been charged with a felony but the legal system, filled with liberal judges, has reduced Americans to second class citizens.

Is the Trust Act going to bring Tiffany Thrasher back? Is it going to make her feel more secure in her own state? No, it’s much too late for that.  But Illinois politicians don’t want to talk about what happened to Tiffany Thrasher or answer any questions about Mejia-Maya because they are  more concerned about his privacy rights.

The Democrats, who want the illegal immigration vote, want to keep the Illinois Trust Act hush-hush. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is banking his re-election on the illegal immigration vote, wants to keep this sanctuary state bill quiet. But they aren’t the only ones.

Gov. Bruce Rauner, a liberal Republican who is close business pals with Emanuel, when questioned, refused to discuss the Trust Act.  Not one Republican member of the Illinois General Assembly has spoken out against the Trust Act legislation either.

This is a sanctuary state bill and Gov. Rauner and the Illinois GOP, that he controls, is afraid of offending illegal immigrants, refugees, and their supporters?

Too bad they’re not as worried about offending U.S. citizens and Illinois voters – at least the legal ones.

Update: The Illinois state house just approved the Trust Act 62-49 on the Memorial Day holiday. 

William J. Kelly is the host of “The Citizen Kelly Show” on AM 1590 WCGO. In 2015, he busted the caps in the Chicago mayoral race, forcing Rahm Emanuel into a historic run-off election.  Kelly is also an Emmy award-winning TV producer and frequent contributor to American Spectator, The Washington Times, Breitbart.com, and writes “The Chicago Rules,” a monthly column for Newsmax.