The Endless War On Trump Is An Endless War On America

Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Rick Hayes Freelance Writer
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The truth regarding the current bloodless coup going on inside the government is that one side is united with an all in attitude, while the other side is split between those who deny the existence of the coup and those sympathetic to the other side.
Impeachment is the battle cry for leftist Democrats who have taken immature tantrums to a cosmic level.  With their never ending charade parade of baseless allegations, leftists have long since lost any semblance of objectivity since the end of Trump justifies all of their unsavory means.  And if the currently fabricated scandal doesn’t lead to impeachment, never fear, there’s always tomorrow.
The lefts’ plan is truly diabolical because their hope is that the mere accumulation of false accusations will wear down a battle-fatigued public who will demand relief even if it means the removal of the President. And regardless of how many unsuccessful attempts at impeachment they make, the time spent by the White House in confronting the lies puts an immediate halt to any progress the administration might try to make.  And progress would expose just how destructive the last liberal administration was.
There should be little doubt among mature adults that leftists permanently dwell in an unreal world of make believe, however, it is the lefts recent gravitation toward a total disregard for law that should be a real concern to all Americans.   In a very short period, the entire Democrat party has drastically changed both regarding ideology and methodology and is now in full take over mode.  Although leftists are still in the minority regarding the population, they are logistically capable with ample financial resources and a robust communications propaganda empire.
Unfortunately, the catastrophic mistake continuously being made by Republicans is that they respond to the unfounded accusations as if they had merit, which bestows a certain amount of legitimacy where none is deserved. Similar to the mistakes of Neville Chamberlain, many Republicans are refusing to come to terms with the fact that the leftists in this country have already declared war on everything that America holds sacred.
As the President goes, so goes America.  Like him or hate him, President Trump participated in our nation’s time-honored election process and was duly elected.
The reason Trump has become such a lightning rod to those on the left is that he is seen as ushering in the end of their utopian dream.  A dream former President Obama endorsed and supported giving the radical leftists a glimpse into the possibility that America could be the next Venezuela.
But now the left sees this wealthy, real estate entrepreneur spreading his unacceptable beliefs in American exceptionalism, as well as his evil support for capitalism and ownership of private property.
And as if these Marxist misfits needed further motivation, the added abhorrence comes from their unending nightmare that Trump defeated their progressive god in November.  And it’s in trying to silence the screaming of the lambs in their heads that they know no limits in their attacks.