Trump’s Handshakes With French President Did Not Disappoint

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Richie McGinniss Chief Video Editor
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On Thursday, Donald Trump met with French President Emmanuel Macron for the first time since Macron’s election win last month.

During the election, Trump voiced his support for Macron’s opponent, nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen. Although the bad blood did not keep Trump and Macron from shaking hands, the tension was visible in their white-knuckled handshake.

Later in the day, Trump met with European leaders at the new NATO headquarters in Brussels and again, Trump clasped hands with Macron. While the first handshake was relatively equally matched, the second time around Trump got in his trademark power yank that news junkies have come to know and love.

In honor of Trump’s signature strong shake, The Daily Caller compiled a montage of Trump’s greatest (or most cringeworthy) handshakes.


The president clearly likes a firm handshake, often yanking the other person’s arm, all while grinning as wide as possible. World leaders and Jeb Bush, beware!

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