Don Lemon: Is It Better For The GOP To Win Elections Or Lose Elections?

Hrand Tookman Contributor
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On Thursday night, CNN’s Don Lemon wondered if losing elections rather than winning would actually be more beneficial to the Republican party.

The topic was Montana’s special election for Congress, and CNN had spent the past 24 hours replaying audio of the GOP candidate allegedly “body-slamming” a reporter.

As the votes were tallied and it became evident that Greg Gianforte, the GOP candidate, would prevail, Lemon shifted gears.

No longer was this special election a referendum on President Trump.

No longer was this about how much voters did or didn’t respect the media.

Instead it was about exploring how winning may actually be a bad thing for the GOP. Lemon asked CNN analyst Gloria Borger, “what’s better then for the Republican party? Is it better for Gianforte winning, or him losing this election?”

Borger ultimately concluded, “I would always say that they’d rather win.”


Absolutely riveting.