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Evergreen State College Prof Under Attack For His Skin Color

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Racism is bad. Except when it isn’t.

Drew Mikkelsen, KING-TV in Seattle:

As a biology professor for 15 years at Olympia’s The Evergreen State College, Bret Weinstein has seen his share of protests, but he’s never been afraid of being on campus until this week.

“I have been told by the Chief of Police it’s not safe for me to be on campus,” said Weinstein, who held his Thursday class in a downtown Olympia park…

Demonstrations involving as many as 200 students filled classrooms and the President’s office on campus on Tuesday and Wednesday. Protesters are upset over what they believe are racist policies at the college, and some called for Weinstein to resign.

I’d criticize the young lady babbling about “black and brown bodies” — which I’m pretty sure is a Ta-Nehisi Coates phrase, and somehow distinct from black and brown people — but anything I’d say about it would be racist. We don’t judge a statement on its merits, but on the identity of the person making it. Victimhood is a precious resource, and it mustn’t be squandered on people with the wrong pigmentation.

Sorry, Professor Weinstein. If you wanted to be taken seriously in 2017 America, you shouldn’t have been born white!