Celebrate Trump’s Trip To Sicily With These 10 Movies About The Mob [VIDEO]

Mike Raust Video Editor
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President Trump on Friday arrived at the G7 Summit in Taormina, a small city in northeast Sicily.

Sicily is a beautiful island with lush vineyards, pastoral landscapes, delicious food, and a complicated history tainted by organized crime. Called “Cosa Nostra,” the Mafia in Sicily runs protection rackets, which protect businesses in exchange for money, although this often turns into extortion rackets — which demand money in exchange for not ransacking the businesses. Different Mafia families run these rackets in different regions.

Although the Italian mafia has been crippled in the United States, it’s still going strong in Sicily. Just days before G7, Mafia don Giuseppe Dainotti was shot down in Palermo in what looked like a typical mafia hit.

Sure, the mob hasn’t exactly been a benevolent, but it has made for a lot of great pop culture. Organized crime has been the central theme for countless classic movies, and here are 10 of the absolute best.

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