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Man Buys Movie Ticket, Breaks Internet

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Let’s say you owned a movie theater, and you wanted to drum up some publicity for the upcoming Wonder Woman flick. It’s a comic-book movie about a white woman, and it stars a white woman. So let’s say — hypothetically speaking, mind you — let’s say you decided to hold a screening of the film for white women only.

Would everybody be okay with that?

Of course not. That would be discrimination! It would be a civil-rights violation. It would go against the Constitution, state and local laws, common decency, and the very concept of public relations. A black woman would have every right to buy a ticket and see the film. Anybody who disagreed would be labeled a bigot, and rightly so. It’s 2017, people.

But enough about that. In other news, the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain has announced several women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. But then this happened:

(This isn’t the Stephen Miller who works for Trump, by the way. Different guy.)

To recap: A man bought a ticket to see a movie. The movie theater sold him that ticket. He says he plans to sit quietly in his seat and enjoy the film, just like everybody else who bought a ticket.

Here’s a sample of the reaction so far to this completely commonplace occurrence:

And so forth. He’s getting inundated with all sorts of similar invective. All because he bought a ticket to see a movie.

Incidentally, the Alamo Drafthouse has clarified one important thing:

You have to be a certain gender to get in, and also, gender is just a social construct.

So if you were born a male but now identify as female, they’re cool with that. Miller has said he doesn’t plan to make such a claim, though, so I’m not sure what they’ll do. And I’m not sure how their policy affects people who were born female but now identify as male. It all gets pretty confusing, doesn’t it?

We’ll see if Alamo Drafthouse allows this man to see this movie at the scheduled time, after selling him a ticket to do so. If not, I can’t wait to see what he does about it. I mean, it’s not like he’s asking them to bake a cake for a gay wedding or something…

Remember, folks: Civil rights aren’t for just anybody!

(Hat tip: Twitchy)