No Campus For Professors Opposed To Anti-White Racism

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Scott Greer Contributor
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Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein learned the severe consequences of opposing campus leftists this week.

Weinstein originally caused a ruckus on his very-liberal Washington state university when he sensibly opposed an event that required all whites to depart from the campus for a day. He called the idea a “show of force and an act of oppression.”

For voicing this opinion and being white himself, Weinstein was branded a racist and hounded by campus agitators who demanded his termination. On Thursday, the biology professor had to conduct his class off-campus due to police telling him it wasn’t safe for the mild academic to appear at his place of work.

One student said that this kind of threatening behavior was “necessary” because “it’s life or death for us.”

This incident is, of course, not an isolated affair and campuses all over the country have suffered similar bouts of racial agitation. Several universities have witnessed demands from students for segregated housing so minority students can live without the terror of white microaggressions. A few colleges, such as the California State University at Los Angeles, have conceded to these exclusionary demands.

Other students have gotten bolder and flat out demanded free tuition for all students of color — because of “white supremacy.”

And there’s been the very well-known displays of violence and intimidation against any college speaker who goes against the prevailing dogma of higher education. The activists frequently cite the danger of allowing supposed “hate speech” (a nebulous concept used solely to shut down any speech the wielder disagrees with) to go unchallenged on campus and how it will somehow physically harm minorities. That argument allows for violence and threats to be used against the opposition, as we’re currently seeing now at Evergreen State.

No wonder somebody even wrote a whole book about these developments and titled it, “No Campus for White Men“…

Professor Weinstein’s ordeal exemplifies the disturbing racial trends in education. Students wanted to kick off all Caucasians for a day of symbolic resentment and the scholar rightly thought it was a stupid idea for enforcing oppression. That only made him appear as an evil white racist who deserved to be crushed for expressing dissent.

Weinstein’s well-established progressive credentials were discarded in favor of seeing him only for the color of his skin. To activists, his whiteness is his primary attribute; everything else about him is secondary in importance.

The contempt for all whites shown by these students is simply racism, and that view seems to be the prevailing motivation for the demonstrations rather than a commitment to traditional left-wing principles.

Events like this will only continue to happen as minority identity politics continue to dominate campus life and white guilt is preached by professors and administrators. Evergreen State is public university and depends on taxpayers to survive. Washington is a pretty liberal state, but I’m sure the average voter — whether Democrat or Republican — would not be pleased that their money goes toward supporting shutting down speech and forcing white students and faculty off campus.

The states that provide the money for this ridiculousness to occur also have the power to curb it. Your move, Washington legislature.

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