MEMORIAL DAY: Vox Smears Marines As ‘Fraternity’ Members With A ‘Toxic Masculinity Problem’

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Left-wing website Vox attacked the Marine Corps for its “toxic masculinity problem” on Memorial Day, the national holiday dedicated to honoring the American men and women who died serving their country in the armed forces.

The liberal website, a personal favorite of Barack Obama with a reputation for butchering simple facts, claimed the Marine Corps has a “well-earned reputation for being a fraternity that often marginalizes or mistreats female troops.”

The author, Vox staff writer Alex Ward, does not appear to be a military veteran, although his current Twitter profile picture does show him drinking a very masculine-looking glass of lemon water.

Ward claimed that a recent Marine Corps ad on women in combat “inadvertently refocused attention on the service’s well-earned reputation for being a fraternity that often marginalizes or mistreats female troops.”

Ward argued that “before the Marine Corps can most effectively help maintain order in the world, it needs to maintain order among its own ranks” — by fighting its “toxic masculinity problem.”

The liberal writer claimed that the Corps’ recent nude photo sharing scandal is proof that Marines have a “toxic masculinity problem.” Daily Caller News Foundation editor Geoffrey Ingersoll, a Marine Corps veteran, previously wrote a piece explaining why he finds that line of reasoning to be worthless. In Ingersoll’s words: “the most ‘toxic’ ​​thing about ‘​masculinity’ in the Corps is the kind of metal used to kill radical Islamic terrorists.”

“Jim Mattis, current secretary of defense and the most revered Marine in modern history, once told me he didn’t mind killing the ‘kind of scum’ that won’t allow ‘young girls to read,'” Ingersoll noted.

Twitter users, meanwhile, mocked Vox for the article, which many characterized as a hit piece against the nation’s Marines.

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