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Afternoon Mirror: Girl Barfs On Washington Bus

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“Why doesn’t Jared Kushner hold a news conference? Is there some law that says he never has to speak in public or give an interview?”

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s legal correspondent.



Girl vomits on D.C. bus

@wmata R2 bus that just arrived at Fort Totten was vibrating so hard it made me nauseous. The girl sitting in front of me actually vomited.” — Rohan Edmonson, occasional Washington blogger.

Evergreen tweet about The Bachelorette in the era of President Trump 

“Just realized Bachelorette twitter comes back tonight. It normally annoys me, but right now feels like a relic of a simpler, happier time.” — Steph Haberman, LaddersHQ, previously at NBC News, Vocativ and Mashable.

The Observer

“Honestly, Jared going to jail will be great for Ivanka’s working mom personal brand.” — Ashley Feinberg, senior writer, Wired.

Reporter spent the weekend watching Baywatch 

“IDK about everyone else’s long weekend. But my all-male screening of Baywatch was history’s least homoerotic event.” — Patrick Coffee, senior editor, Adweek.

From the vicious rumor mill…

“Chuck Johnson being discussed to help Trump with war room.” — Jack Posobiec.

Jerry Springer: Future governor? See here.

Senator calls ‘fake news’ on ranking member of House Intelligence Committee 









WaPo picks this town’s best burgers: by price

Under $10: Good Stuff Eatery

Over $20: Mirabelle, Bourbon Steak

See the whole list here.

Overheard in the newsroom…

“Leave Tiger Woods alone. All he did was fall asleep in his car.” — Anonymous.

NPR and CNN trade employees

“NPR names CNN’s as new top business editor – formerly of AP, USAT & BizWeek – replacing , now NPR’s podcast chief.” — David Folkenflik, media correspondent, NPR.

The Boston Globe writes about women urinating at the theater. Read here