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Greg Gianforte Broke This Reporter’s Glasses, And Now They’re Going Into A Museum

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I’m on record as opposing what newly elected Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte did to reporter Ben Jacobs the day before the election. I also don’t think it’s a good idea to turn Jacobs into a martyr over it.

The Guardian:

Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs replaced his glasses on Tuesday, after they were broken when he was assaulted by Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte…

At the request of the Washington DC media museum the Newseum, Jacobs has agreed to donate his broken glasses to the museum for display in their collection.

They’ve got a collection of… reporters’ glasses? Damn, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on that thrill ride.

So now, worshippers will make pilgrimages from around the globe to gaze in wonder at the holy relic. “Ben Jacobs,” they will whisper. “This adorned the very face of Ben Jacobs. #HeResisted.”

P.S. Great minds think alike. But so do Dave’s and mine.