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Newseum To Display ‘Body-Slammed’ Reporter’s Glasses


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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After incoming Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte (R-Montana) assaulted him last week at a campaign event in Montana, Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs explicitly expressed that he did not want the spotlight on him.

Maybe not. But now he has agreed to donate his smashed glasses to the Newseum. What reporter wouldn’t proudly donate a pair of broken specs after being punched and cussed out by a politician?

“I’m terribly uncomfortable being part of the story,” Jacobs announced last week. “And now it seems I’ve become the story.”

How quaint. The National Museum of American History has Dorothy’s snazzy red shoes from The Wizard Of Oz.

And now Washington’s Newseum has Jacob’s dorky glasses.

“Now Michelle Fields is going to send in her arm,” a political reporter joked to The Mirror, alluding to the alleged assault that occurred at a Donald Trump campaign event in 2016 in which Trump aide Corey Lewandowski allegedly got rough with Fields, now an ex-Breitbart News reporter. A prosecutor decided against pressing charges. But she did run pictures of her bruised arm on Twitter.

The Guardian played up the Jacobs-Gianforte incident in a story Tuesday, complete with three large pictures of Jacobs, who really doesn’t want to be the story. The photographs show the reporter with his left arm in a sling — the arm that obviously didn’t have to be pulled to make him the centerpiece of a story. The purpose of the piece was to report that Jacobs donated his glasses to the museum and that he purchased new thick black frames from Banana Republic.

Insurance will help pay for his new glasses.

But just in case you like the Guardian, the sales department chose the bottom of the piece to make a plea to readers for money.

“We have a small favour to ask,” they wrote.

The Mirror does not dispute that Gianforte was a giant asshole last week in his behavior toward the reporter.

He was. And he’ll be a site to see when he arrives in Washington.

Hopefully he’ll refrain of injuring any more reporters.