Al Franken Still Appearing With Kathy Griffin To Promote His Book [VIDEO]

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Minnesota Sen. Al Franken is still going to use comedienne Kathy Griffin to promote his book, even after she appeared in a photoshoot holding a mock severed head of President Donald Trump.

Franken is scheduled to appear with Griffin at a July 7 event in Beverly Hills promoting his new book, “Al Franken: Giant of the Senate.” Franken confirmed on CNN Wednesday morning that he has no intention of cancelling the event with Griffin, who is also one of his campaign donors. (RELATED: Al Franken Has His Own History Of Using Ugly, Offensive Language)

“Well, I think she did the right thing,” Franken said of Griffin’s apology. “I think asking for forgiveness and acknowledging that this — this is a horrible mistake, and so I think she can [recover].”

“And you’re still going to appear with her?” the host asked, prompting Franken to quickly reply, “Yes.”