Lowry: Dems Flip Flopped On Russia [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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National Review editor Rich Lowry called out Democrats for using the Russia investigation to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and feel better about losing the 2016 election.

Lowry argued on Fox News Wednesday that Democrats played a game of appeasement with Russia until Trump was in office, which suddenly caused them to start treating Russia as “the greatest threat on the planet.”

“This is extraordinary about face by progressives and Democrats over Russia,” Lowry said. “Where Obama…they do everything possible to bend over backwards to appease the Putin regime and now all of a sudden it’s the greatest threat on the planet.”

“Yes I want Trump to be tough on Russia, but let’s not pretend that President Obama ever was tough on Russia except for the very end when he did the minimal he could on sanctions,” he continued, saying that Obama looked like he was bought and paid for by the Russians because of his weak policy positions.

Fox News host Jon Scott backed up Lowry’s point, recalling when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russia with a “reset button.”


Lowry also said during the interview that Democrats were clearly using Russia as a way to ease the pain of losing the 2016 election.

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