Dershowitz: Comey Testimony Will Help Trump Legally [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | White House Correspondent

According to Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, James Comey’s upcoming testimony in front of the Senate will actually help Trump’s legal case.

Dershowitz said on MSNBC’s “On The Record” that, for Trump, being able to hear the claims made against him will help him and his legal team develop a strategy.

“This could hurt Trump politically but it will help him legally,” he told host Greta Van Susteren. “Why will it help him legally? Every defense lawyer wants to see a preview of the testimony against them.”

“That’s why we hate grand jury hearings and we love inquiries, preliminary hearings, where we can hear in open what’s coming up against our client.”

Dershowitz also slammed people who want to “stretch obstruction of justice” arguing that it goes too far to inquire into what Trump was thinking when he chose to fire Comey.

“That’s not the way American criminal law should operate…today it’s Trump, tomorrow it’s you.”


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