Gay Vulture Couple Hatches Egg At Amsterdam Zoo

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Two male griffon vultures in a “long-standing relationship” hatched an abandoned egg Wednesday at an Amsterdam zoo.

The zoo said that keepers found an egg on the vulture enclosure’s floor and put it in an incubator. They later placed the egg in a nest built together by the two male birds, according to NBC. The vultures took turns sitting on the egg until it hatched, according to the zookeepers. Now, the new dads are taking turns feeding the chick.

The zoo added that it’s not unusual for animals to form same-sex couples, but it’s the first time a vulture pair has hatched an egg at a Dutch zoo.

In 2010, the pair were rescued from Spanish traffickers and brought to the Amsterdam zoo.

A similar scenario took place in April at Tierpark Nordhorna where a pair of male vultures, Isis and Nordhorn, sat atop the egg in an attempt to hatch it. The gay vultures built a nest in preparation of raising a family before they even adopted the abandoned egg, according to ENEX.

Zoo officials said that they were not sure which male vulture was the biological father, according to Inside Edition.

Ina Deiting, the German zoo’s spokesperson, said that the Tierpark Zoo is home to many other same-sex animal couples, including storks. “We already had a gay Marabou couple and a lesbian Marabou couple as well,” Deiting said. “It happens from time to time that homosexual couples find each other.”

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