German Soldier Demonstrates Tank Stability With Pint of Beer [VIDEO]

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In 2015, an unusual video pairing military prowess with alcohol hit the web.

The soldier demonstrates a terrific German engineering job by balancing beer on the tip of a tank’s machine gun as he roles down the countryside.


This 2015 video shows a black beret-wearing member of the German Army’s Panzer Corps pouring a beer into a stein mounted on a tank’s 120-millimeter gun barrel. The Leopard II model battle tank then rolls across rough terrain and doesn’t spill a single drop.

The video has resurfaced to highlight the Leopard 2 battle tank’s abilities. Developed for the West German Army in the 1970s, it has a fully stabilized main gun.

The tank can drive at 30 mph on bumpy terrain while the gun remains steadily pointed on-target, making it highly effective for taking out enemy targets.

The tank’s precision allowed by it’s unusually stable gun also means balancing a full mug of beer on the gun without spilling is feasible.

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