These 14 Models Prepared For Trump To Drop The Climate Deal [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo: Splash News)

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As we approach President Trump’s decision on the Paris climate accord, we decided to turn our attention to the models out there who have been hoping for warmer temperatures.

Trump will be announcing his decision on whether or not the United States will remain a part of the Paris Accord in the White House Rose Garden Thursday afternoon. It is expected that the president will announce our country’s withdrawal from the pact.

If Trump does in fact pull the United States out of the agreement with 194 other countries of the world, the U.S. will be among just three countries not participating in the environmentally-focused accord.

Each and every one of these models come from the participating countries of the Paris Accord, but not one of them appear to be too concerned about climate change. In fact, it looks like they’re already embracing — or at least are dressed for — global warming.