Matthews: Leaving Paris Accord ‘Worst Thing’ Trump Has Done [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Chris Matthews thinks leaving the Paris Climate Accord makes President Donald Trump the “most selfish man” because it is the “worst thing” he has done as president.

The MSNBC host started Thursday evening’s “Trump Watch” segment with a story about how technology allows him to Skype with his grandchildren across the country — all thanks to science, of course.

“Now we have a president who wants us to go the other way as if we’re living in science fiction,” he said angrily. “We’re in Planet of the Apes where science is treated as suspect.”

Matthews accused Trump of being against science and the idea of climate change because it can’t get him votes or money.

“If science could make him a buck he would use it,” he alleged.

He then dramatically called pulling out of the Paris climate agreement possibly “the worst thing” Trump has done.

“It’s hard to think of the worst thing this president has done but this just might be the one,” he said. “Even the most selfish human being on the planet, which he threatens to be with this act, should get [the threat of climate change].”


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