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Talk Of Kathy Griffin Surfaces At White House Briefing

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Things got slightly spicy at the White House briefing Friday as a reporter questioned Press Secretary Sean Spicer about Kathy Griffin. Griffin pulled a stunt this week that went badly and got her canned from CNN and turned her into a recluse who apparently can’t leave her home.

She posed for an artistic picture holding onto President Trump‘s fake bloody head. You know, ISIS style.

Breitbart News‘s Charlie Spiering asked, “Has the president been following the Kathy Griffin meltdown and does the family want a personal apology?”

Spicer kept it short and semi-sweet: “The president and first lady and Secret Service have all made it very clear their view on those thoughts.”

In a press conference held Friday at noon outside of LA, Griffin apologized professing but said Trump was a bully who is ruining her life.

She said she would continue to make fun of Trump. She said she wished she had used a “blowup doll and ketchup” instead of using a picture that portrayed her wanting POTUS to be assassinated.