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The Real Reason Kathy Griffin Held A Presser Was To Brag About Her Weight

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“This has been a living nightmare for Kathy,” attorney Lisa Bloom announced at the top of Kathy Griffin‘s bizarre press conference held Friday at Bloom’s suburban LA office.

The dark things in life also have upsides: the comedian, a vision of sorrow, was a better spokesperson for weight loss than Oprah Winfrey.

Griffin, who refers to herself as a D-List comedian, was not really there to apologize. Although she did reiterate how much she regrets posing for a picture in which she clutched a thatch of fake President Trump‘s blond hair connected to his bloody face.

Looking extremely thin, there was mention of her weight.

“Trump is not afraid of 60-year-old 110-pound Kathy Griffin,” Bloom said in her opening statement. “Kathy has the right to publicly parody the president. …She will continue to be the SHE-ro millions of Americans love.”

In 2015, a web report said she weighed 121 pounds. says her dress size is a 4. There are also reports of her bra size, which I will gladly let you Google for yourself.

In 2013, she gave an interview to Redbook to reveal how she maintains her “rockin’ bod.” She said when she turned 40, she had to stop eating poorly. This is around the time that her lunch became a “salad bucket.”

At the time, she divulged, “I don’t trust margarine.”

There is, however, something known as the Kathy Griffin Salad. It consists of: “greens, turkey bacon, almonds, Parmesan, dried cranberries, avocado, and ginger dressing.”