University Dean Calls GOP ‘Extremist Terrorist Organization’ Like ISIS

Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief

In a Facebook posting, an associate dean at the San Diego State University (SDSU) equated the Republican Party with ISIS, Campus Reform reports.

Patrick McCarthy called the party that currently controls both houses of Congress and the presidency an “extremist terrorist organization.”

The College Republicans (CR) have recently asked for an apology.

McCarthy, who is the associate dean of library and information access, posted the accusation when he couldn’t resist commenting on a Newsweek article that some like-minded Facebook friends had shared with the dean. It was entitled “Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS.”

“The Republican Party has become an extremist terrorist organization,” McCarthy tapped out on his computer, earning happy concurrence from a fellow traveler who suggested that Republicans “would rather save themselves than our country.”

But another Facebook regular wondered whether this is the way McCarthy talks to students at his university.

“You’re an associate dean at SDSU? I hope your CR chapter is watching your statements and actions closely,” said the astonished poster. He said if McCarthy was ‘making outrageous statements like this in public I can only imagine what you are saying and doing behind the scenes.”

The critic then pointed out to McCarthy that is must be passing strange that SDSU must be hosting a “terrorist organization promoting itself as a club” if the College Republicans were active on campus. That prompted McCarthy to disingenuously suggest that the “College Republicans and the Republican Party of the United States are separate organizations.”

The back and forth debate continued; eventually the College Republicans themselves surfaced to examine the exchange. SDSU CR president Brandon Jones decided to issue a statement condemning McCarthy for the outrageous comments and insisting that he apologize for the defamation against the campus conservatives.

“SDSU College Republicans strongly condemn the comments made by SDSU Associate Dean Patrick McCarthy comparing the right-wing conservatives in America to a known terrorist organization (ISIS)… “This is intellectually dishonest, especially from an Associate Dean at an institution of higher education. Statements like these inaccurately paint a picture of College Republicans at San Diego State and across the nation,” Jones wrote.

Jones reminded friends and foes alike that “this incident is not the only time SDSU CRs have faced liberal bias on campus by students or faculty. All too often professors contribute to politically motivated violence towards conservative students in the classroom where they continuously preach their views, as opposed to teach the coursework,” he ended.

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