Kellyanne Conway: ‘Most Of Washington Detested’ James Comey

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway knocked former FBI Director James Comey ahead of his testimony before Congress on Thursday, asserting in a Monday morning interview on NBC that “most of Washington” loathed Comey.

Conway did not rule out the possibility that the White House could try to use executive privilege to block Comey from testifying.

“The president will make that final decision but if Mr. Comey does testify we’ll be watching with everyone else,” Conway said when asked if the White House will block Comey from testifying. “I would point out two things: most of Washington, of course many of the Democrats, detested this man until Donald Trump fired him, which Jim Comey said in his own goodbye letter was the right of the president to do.

“Secondly, Jim Comey, the last time he testified under oath, the FBI had to scurry and correct his testimony almost immediately because what he said was false. He was off by hundreds of thousands in terms of the e-mails between Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, and there were only two classified in there, apparently, and he was off by many, many in terms of the classification.”

“But the fact is, if he testifies, we’ll all be watching, but I think people should also look at the Rod Rosenstein memo again to see what the problem was in the department with FBI Director Jim Comey,” she added. “Rosenstein clearly points out that the integrity and the morale were down, and he clearly points out that Comey had tried to usurp the power of the attorney general, Loretta Lynch, and that he did ‘textbook’ what you’re not supposed to do by holding a press availability and announcing why they decided not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.”



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